Peculiar Experiment 01

"There are three masks: the one we think we are, the one we really are, and the one we have in common." 
— Jacques Lecoq 2001, The Moving Body.

A quick update: photo set from a recent experimental shoot, based on the themes of anonimity and the "other" self. Adorning (or rather, stripping) myself with all the things I'd be too shy to wear on the normal everyday basis.

Wearing Zana Bayne body harness and custom o-ring choker by HURL.

Photography by Yun Jing, edited by me.


The Courtyard

Pray for me cause I have lost my faith in holy wars
Is paradise denied to me cause I can take no more
Has darkness taken over me, consumed my mortal soul
All my virtues sacrificed, can Heaven be so cruel?
I'm hoping I'm praying I won't get lost between two worlds
For all I have seen, the truth lies in between
Give me strength to face the wrong that I have done
Now that I know the darkest side of me

Anchored in the heart of the city is Raffles Hotel which first opened its doors in 1887. For a young nation that had just celebrated its 50th-anniversary post-independence, it's quite remarkable acknowledging a building this ancient manages to withstand the tests of time. It's unsurprising why the hotel is an iconic landmark of Singapore, attracting notable personalities from all over the world; including Michael Jackson, Naomi Campbell and quite recently, the stylish royal Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Nevertheless, Raffles Hotel is loved dearly even by the locals for its elaborate yet quaint premises, its tropical garden that is a perfect backdrop for the colonial style architecture. And of course, I couldn't resist a photo or two every time I visit. Strolling down the white marble hallways and admiring the lushness of the grand lobby felt like watching a scene straight out of The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). The best way to describe the Raffles experience – an epic time travelling journey back to 1915.

Wearing a vintage dress from London and Taobao leather oxford boots.

Photos by Alicia Loh.


Florence + Her Whimsical Home

“I don’t think I’m quite comfortable in minimalist spaces,” says multi-platinum selling artist Florence Welch of her whimsically cluttered London pad, captured in this episode of NOWNESS’s collaboration with Apartamento magazine. “Having lots of stuff and having lots of chaos around you is like a way to hide,” reflects Welch. “These little piles of books just grow everywhere like stalagmites and stalactites. I definitely need to be with my own thoughts and listen to music and read and write. It’s kind of how I make sense of the world.” (Source: NOWNESS)



Shadows of iron gates
Cast on sidewalks of deep space
Burning like a black hole lace
As mica turns to milky ways

I don't remember a distinct point when I fell in love with vintage, but it must have begun with my mother who passed down many of her preowned pieces. My earliest memories were her brass earrings, makeup brushes and silk scarves. My mother, born and raised in Shanghai, is a stylish woman. Surprisingly, some of her best vintage pass-me-downs were gifts from my father during their courtship. I can only wish my father's fine taste would have continued on today. The world's shift to a more sustainable lifestyle is an unavoidable topic. Reclaiming clothing is truly an excellent way to not only reduce waste but also give your style a retro flair which is always popular on the runways anyway.

With so many vintage collectors all over the world, there must be good reasons why anyone would make a conscious choice to adopt and preserve something old and aged. With most vintage clothing accessories made from genuine leather and delicate fabric, preservation is even more challenging in humidity which speeds up material deterioration. But I believe the delight in collecting lies in weaving stories embedded in the object with your own.  

The mini backpack I'm carrying, which belonged to my mother, has the most beautiful steel hardware that is impossible to find in today's mass manufactured market. Its smooth grain leather has faded over the past two decades to a deep brown. On the other hand, some vintage pieces come as they are with no background story, leaving a void for the owner to fill. I found this dusty pink dress in a thrift shop for a whopping S$6. Even though much of its thread was already falling apart when I discovered it, it was easily repaired. The silhouette, fabric and colour of this dress are so beautiful to me. I'm glad its owner had decided to give clothing a second chance.

Wearing a vintage dress, mom's vintage backpack, c/o O'ORO Accessories earrings, GH Bass oxfords, vintage Casio watch, Sephora lip rouge in Oh Oh. Photos by Mandy


The Prelude: A Bridal Couture Showcase

It's written in the stars, darlings
Everything must come to an end
We thought love could change our names
And free us from our earthly chains
Oh we wanted to believe in it, to believe in it
But they couldn't

In kind courtesy of the folks over at Le Grand Boutique & Bridal, I was in for a visual treat to witness for couture bridal gowns. The 19th century interior of Chijmes, refurbished from a former convent, evoked a fairytale-like ambience. Even for someone who isn't usually impressed by the whole idea of a "dream wedding", imagining myself donning one of the gowns was enough to make my heart itch.

Can we take a moment to talk about the back?

Wedding dresses have evolved a lot in the recent years, with many brides-to-be being more adventurous in their choice of silhouettes, styles and colour. I felt like what made The Prelude  show stunning was the dress construction of the back, with designs ranging from minimalistic plunge geometrical cuts to intricate buttons-downs, corset and sheer embroidery. Among all, I found the tulle skirt with pockets and the pink t-shirt gown most intriguing. The previous may come in really handy for holding tissue paper if you're the type to cry on your wedding day lol. Save yourself from some smudged mascara mess.

A couple blue dresses made bold runway statements, with some resembling Elsa from Frozen. *Let it go, let it goooo...* As corny as the idea sounds, Disney sure knows what they're doing in the fashion department because those sparkling blue dresses were magical even on a real human being. And then came the grand finale as I saw the model in the puffiest dress ever grace the runway, fitted in a structured bustier and a massive tulle skirt layered like icing. I think the designers had done a fantastic job defining a modern bride while retaining her classical imagery passed down over centuries.

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