Friday, October 31, 2014


Safari shirt dress - c/o Dressabelle
Leather oxford boots - Shanghai
Belt - vintage
Lip colour - Topshop lip paint in Jealous

Happy Halloween! It's all pumpkins and trick or treatin I'm thinking of in my head right now, but ironically, I have neither carved a pumpkin in my life nor have I actually walked through my neighbourhood knocking for candy. Just reminds me how the media could really get into our heads. huh? What are you guys doing this Halloween? I've never been a huge dresser for the occasion (well I have dressed up as a pirate once), but my personal tends to be quite thematic in my own imagination. Let's say if I was wearing a floral jumpsuit, you can be sure I'd grab my beetle ring and stone necklaces to complete the "earthy" look. Similarly, since I have on a military inspired dress today, I decided to go with a fitting belt with oversized buckles and dangling chain. Belts on military uniforms have always appealed to me. Especially when utilitarian wear is huge this season, that makes the perfect excuse to wear retro belts, the bigger the buckle the merrier! Have a good weekend everyone, speak soon. <3

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Urban Warrior

Mesh panel dress - c/o Dressabelle
Slit dress - c/o Oak And Bones
Earrings - H&M
Leather 'trash' bag - m)Phosis
Stilettos - borrowed

Every once in awhile, we all need a little empowerment. Whether we choose to channel an attitude through a bright red lip, or decide to slip into our beaten up sneakers because heels are really not worth the effort, it is as if with a single element of dress we could form a barrier between ourselves and the world. I felt especially inspired by the AWANG X HM collection. Okay let's put aside all that media rave for a moment, and think about just how powerful a statement the collection is trying to make. If you have seen the collection already, it would occur to you that the entire line, staying true to the AWANG aesthetic, is inspired by modern hi-tech sportswear. What really impressed me was its consistent grey colour palette (with the exception of occasional pops of accent colours) which pretty much represents the every day commuter; an individual part of the homogenous smart phone generation, quietly blending in yet a fighter of a mad rat race. The image of the Urban Warrior is practical, smart and very much a uniform. That's the look I'm trying to recreate today in my own style. What I love most about this outfit is the poofed up sleeves that subtly create a power silhouette...just what I needed to survive a rough week. To streamline a top heavy proportion, I layered a slim fitting dress underneath with slit zipper details to match my sweater. And knowing me, I love unexpected details. Finished look with costume jewellery and stilettos, because why not?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Anything Goes

Vest - c/o Dressabelle
Blouse - Taiwan
Skirt - Shanghai
Socks - Qoo10
Sandal clogs - borrowed
Lips - NARS Audacious lipstick in Marisa

A few years ago when I began to really care about fashion, I would spend the night before meticulously planning my look, making sure the colours matched, that I didn't look funny, and considering I might impress the people I meet. Sometimes we care too much about flattery and preconceived ideas of whats right what's wrong. Those were the days (evident on my LB account) when my makeup was so on point, and I have to say – perhaps at times overdone. But gone are the days of precision. I feel like my style is transiting into something that's a lot more spontaneous and unexpected. I love capturing feelings, more so than I'm concerned about a certain 'look', I often throw in things together and if it looks okay, it works. Layering three long pieces at once and sandals with socks? Anything goes really! 

Photos by Rumin.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Project Week Uniform

Turtle neck crop top - ASOS
Leather jacket - Taiwan
Midi skirt - c/o KLARRA
Leather pointed flats - ASOS

Project week – love it or hate it, to me it's just a battle of freedom and responsibilities. I wake up, realise I should have woken up earlier, make myself a coffee, start getting ready for project meetings, wish I could just stay at home...the mental war goes on. Sounds familiar? Okay the ranting stops here. On a positive note, I'm happy to have gotten enough sleep this week, and even managed to shoot this outfit post for you amidst all that to-dos. A shout out to Faith for helping me out with the photos! This is what I wore to school for a project meeting. If you have been noticing from my Instagram, I'm having a serious turtle neck phase at the moment. I wear my turtle necks with everything, and my inner hoarder is urging me to stock up in every colour. Not sure if it's due to my excitement for the launch of the new iPhone (um, in honor of Steve Jobs, ok?) or it's the merciless air conditioner in school. My poor exposed neck feels like it's about to trigger a cough all the time. Then, as part of my 'uniform', the midi skirt and flats come in. Flats because I'm always rushing for time and midi skirts because they're my favourite. I pretty much live in midi skirts, jeans and trousers at school. My latest midi addition is one that's stark and graphical yet surprisingly versatile with my existing wardrobe. The pattern of what looks like brush strokes injects energy, resembling abstract expressionism art from the 60s. Always love an unexpected touch!

Photos by Faith of Missterfaith.
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